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All Selling is Social
It is time to look at the art of selling and turn it around. Sales needs to be seen as something less unscrupulous and unworthy of trust. It needs to carve out a more comfortable position in our society by being less adversarial and more cooperative. We are social beings, and all selling is a social act.

Discover how to change the perception of sales and selling from something that leaves a bad taste in peoples’ mouths to something more pleasant and palatable.

In my book, “All Selling is Social,” I dive into the big themes of communication and selling as social activities where we engage and connect with people on a human level, regardless of the sales outreach method we use!

Tips and Strategies from All Selling is Social

The environment we sell in has changed, meaning we must change. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there’s just one silver bullet to fill your pipeline or convert your leads. Engage with your clients across multiple mediums and find out what works best for them to receive and discuss information. Then, make sure you’re conversing with them to find out more about who they are and what their goals are.

Here are a few tips from the book to ponder.

What is an Echo Chamber?

In All Selling is Social, I write about being stuck in an Echo Chamber- simply put, an echo chamber is a training methodology, a way of thinking, a point of view that we submerge ourselves into to the extent that we never consider other points of view. All the material we read and consume reinforces those beliefs, creating a force that is hard to break free from.

Sales As Service

Once you get the opportunity to sell to someone and make a connection, you must realize that you are there to serve them, not sell them. Clients are not people we need to conquer or win over. Part of communicating and relating with our clients means we must realize that we are not sitting opposite them but on the same side of the table. We are on the same team. Selling is serving, and we are serving that client in such a way that they do not want to go anywhere else. They do not want to shop around. Therefore, we have better client retention. We do not have to deal with a revolving door where the clients come in the front door and go out the back door, and we must constantly find new ones.

Client Stewardship

We’re stewards of our clients, and you know, whatever higher power you believe in, the sales gods or whatever, you haven’t been given that client to own. You’ve been given that client to serve.